Lambretta Bearing, flywheel, Li, Sx, Tv, Gp 125, Race-Tour, MB


A high quality, high load flywheel bearing to suit all Li, Tv, Sx, Gp125/150 crankshafts.

Increasing our own brand of bearings marked with MB Race-Tour, these are reduced in priced compete to the big named brands. 

Lambretta Bearing, flywheel, Li, Sx, Tv, Gp 125, Race-Tour, MB

£ 14.83
Price: £ 12.36 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Colin G 13 Apr 2023 

Great product, good delivery, good price. Everything you need from MB


5 star 2. Colin G 16 Apr 2023 

Great product and quality. Perfect replacement.

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