Lambretta Bearing, clutch needle, Li, Sx, Tv, MB


MB made Clutch needle bearings to suit Li, Sx, Tv type clutches or any clutch which uses hardened bearing faces (not genuine Gp types)

Used for their longer life in use and giving no rock or play.

2 required are required.


Lambretta Bearing, clutch needle, Li, Sx, Tv, MB

£ 6.12
Price: £ 5.10 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Kevin 29 Mar 2024 

After an engine strip and rebuild I noticed the crown wheel had a brass bush installed. My crown wheel can take the roller bearings I’m glad to say. And what a difference l, ni more slop and totally smooth. Excellent bearings from MB

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Ian on 30 Nov 2021 asked "Hi, would you recommend these bearings over the other type you sell?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Normally I would say yes but you need to make sure the crownwheel is hardened for them, if not use the bush type

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