Lambretta Race-Tour Clutch springs (set 5) uprated, MB


These are the ultimate Lambretta uprated clutch springs for standard or tuned scooters designed by Mark Broadhurst, they fit ALL 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 plate clutch conversions.

These are easy to pull and exert enough pressure to cure clutch slip on the most powerfull 40hp engines.

To aid clutch lever action, always use a nylon cable, route it correctly with no tight bends and use a MB clutch lever or Yamaha clutch lever conversion, you will never go back to standard clutch parts again.

Our springs go coil bound at around 14mm shorter than any other making clutches easier to set up.

We can pull a six plate clutch conversion with 40hp with one finger.

Warning: ALL clutch springs will go coil bound over time, especially plated springs, ours are not plated, If your changing the clutch plates change the springs, never re use old springs.


Lambretta Race-Tour Clutch springs (set 5) uprated, MB

£ 7.50
Price: £ 6.25 Ex Vat


Made in the UK to the latest specs and designs.


Stronger than most but do not compress and lock up like most clutch springs

Development History

Designed by Mark Broadhurst over many years of testing

Reasons to Buy

Simply the best on the market


If you experience clutch slip, then as a matter of course change the springs, springs over time go coil bound and loose strength.

Use a nylon lined friction free clutch cable.

Use either a MB clutch lever or a Yamaha clutch conversion.

Reviews ( 17 )


5 star 1. Andy P 17 Jul 2009 

Cheers for the great service guys, Clutch now sorted with no slip..


5 star 2. Justin r 14 Dec 2010 

Quailty kit, fitted and the clutch now feels 100% better than before - the "italian" springs I fitted a few hundred miles ago are in the bin ! Thanks jr


5 star 3. John H 02 Apr 2011 

All arrived the following day as expected and all good quality. Many thanks.


5 star 4. Colin J 26 Jan 2013 

Brilliant, MB springs and a correctly set up 5 plate set up on my Avanti. NO slip and the lever is still light. Just ordered another set for my TS1


5 star 5. Steve.garside 08 Jun 2012 

Thought these springs might have been too strong, but gladly proved wrong used with nylon clutch cable clutch now feels good to use,


5 star 6. Peter M 13 Oct 2016 

Always the best option...


5 star 7. Gary S 23 Mar 2017 

Excellent bit of kit and great service as usual. Cheers


5 star 8. Neil D 30 Apr 2017 

Great service ,quick delivery and quality springs cheers guys


5 star 9. Michael m 06 Jun 2018 

great job. just the springs for a tuned stage 4 fast road setup


5 star 10. Mick M 27 May 2020 

Excellent- massive improvement to my clutch.


5 star 11. Richard 23 Jun 2022 

Excellent service as usual


5 star 12. Colin 05 May 2021 

Lever feels similar to standard using with 18 hp and works great


5 star 13. Rowland E 03 Mar 2022 

fitted these springs in my 5 plate clutch.vey happy.quality as always from MB and speedy deliver.thanks MB


5 star 14. Steve B 26 Apr 2022 

Quick efficient service. I was able to add to my order with a phone call when i needed some more items. My clutch has a nice lighter action than before and no sign of slipping.


5 star 15. Jeff P 23 Feb 2023 

Longer springs to assist drive, shorter when compressed to reduce clutch drag


5 star 16. Phill T 21 Nov 2023 

Arrived on time, quality item. Scooter up and running in no time.


5 star 17. Gary F 17 May 2024 

As described. Good quality.

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Darren B on 16 Jan 2022 asked "Hi, could these springs be used in a Lambretta Lui 2 plate clutch ? many thanks regards Darren "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry not 100% sure, never work on them

Rob H on 15 Jul 2020 asked "Hi I'm using updated mallossi springs in my 3 plate clutch on vega as have old school Kawasaki 135 conversion and it tends to slip on normal springs. Only thing the mallossi springs are really difficult to use, will these spring fit cometa 3 plate clutch ? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: From memory these normal Lambretta springs fit perfect where as Malossi are too over sized

Paul on 09 Apr 2020 asked "I have one of your 5 plate clutches, what length are the springs supposed to be?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Its not the length of springs thats important, its the size with the springs compressed which should be around 14mm

Richard h on 24 Jun 2017 asked "I have just fitted Malossi springs to my 5 plate clutch and have found that even garth couldn't use my set up. Previously I had granturismo springs and it slipped at 21bhp. Are these springs between the two? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We have no problems with these springs. It can be other things on your set up that may need looking at.

Martin on 23 Dec 2013 asked "Hi got a set of springs, on stripping 4 plate clutch on my mb ts1 it has centre spring fitted can I now omit this cheers."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes we stopped fitting or selling center springs many years ago as they caused so much problems. Leave it out

Andy on 23 Oct 2012 asked "hello, these clutch springs seem to be not exactly "at level". I mean a little bit each one its way... not straight. Can it be a problem? many thanks andy."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Fit and forgot, there is no problem with them, they line up as soon as the pressure is put on them.

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