Lambretta Inlet manifold, large block, rubber mounted, Dellorto PHBL, Mikuni TMX 24mm, MB


This manifold will let you fit a 25mm (22/24mm) PHBL Dellortos, 24mm Mikuni carburetors onto a 200cc type cast cylinder (Factory, RT, Rapido, Mugello or Original barrel).

It comes with a stainless steel long bolt to replace the long inlet stud, otherwise it is very hard to fit the manifold without dropping the engine.

One of many Inlet manifolds designed by us MB, Ideal for a cut down, chopper or no panelled type Scooter where you can use a remote filter as the inlet manifold is shaped for flow into the intet manifolds. Not ideal for full body Scooters apart from Series 1/2 types.

NOTE; if using a Li type head cowl the air scoop will need shaping, or use a GP type head cowl or even better a MB Carbon head cowl.

Lambretta Inlet manifold, large block, rubber mounted, Dellorto PHBL, Mikuni TMX 24mm, MB
  • Lambretta Inlet manifold, large block, rubber mounted, Dellorto PHBL, Mikuni TMX 24mm, MB
  • Lambretta Inlet manifold, large block, rubber mounted, Dellorto PHBL, Mikuni TMX 24mm, MB

£ 25.67
Price: £ 21.39 Ex Vat

Development History

  • Mark Broadhurst has designed and manufactured more inlet manifolds to suit Lambretta scooters than anyone else.
  • Developed over time to suit various carburettors used on Lambrettas for different applications.
  • Designed to clear all frame, engine and body parts.
  • Reshaped to clear panels.

Reasons to Buy

  • Tried and tested.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Fits many carb applications.
  • As used by most dealers around the world for over 20+ years.


  • Either use an inlet gasket or Silicone sealer to seal the manifold.
  • Match the inlet manifold to inlet port and inlet port to inlet manifold for better results.
  • Tighten inlet screws together.

Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. David B 17 Aug 2018 

Thank you for the very prompt delivery.


4 star 2. Steve 27 Oct 2016 

The manifold itself is excellent quality, despite it looking like it would bolt straight on it fouled one of the cooling fins on the barrel so needed filing down, it would have been nice if the inlet was about 5mm longer but it is now fitted and working great

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Paul H on 11 Jan 2023 asked "Do you do a manifold to suit large block using 25mm phbl on a series 3 with side panels on etc as normal? Or can i use this one ? Thanks in advance."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This one should fit with the air filter box and keep the panels on

Andrew M on 06 Feb 2021 asked "Hi I am running a casa 185 kit on a DL125 just got a 25mmphbl carb is this the correct manifold to fit it to my bike Also if it is what is the part number for the rubber connector as well Regards Andy"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No you need this one MRB0051K

Renaud on 20 Jan 2015 asked "Hello It is said to suit TMX24 do you mean Mikuni TM24? Does it works well in terms of space on a RT for small block Regards Renaud"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Some call the TMX a TM or the other way round. Yes it fits no problem.

Tam on 06 Nov 2012 asked "Getting a 25mm dellorto for my series 2 with sil 200cc engine. Been recommended this manifold but want to keep panels on do you also sell the rubber air filter hose to fit? Also do you sell a package of jets etc.. to fit the carb for this engine with a GORI 42mm exhaust."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes the rubber is MBL0003 If can check jets used here

Noel on 10 Sep 2012 asked "i have a 25m phbl on my lambretta and when i put the side panel on it push the rubber in stops the air flow if i got one of ur manifolds would that sort it"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: My PHBL manifold is as short as I can make them, we have sold loads over the years with very little complaints BUT frames do alter, one can clear on can touch.

Brett on 06 Feb 2009 asked "I have a question about "Carb inlet manifold 25mm Dell'orto 200 - 250 MRB" Can i use this manifold with a Makuni TM24 carb? also do you take payments via Paypal? thank you"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes this manifold fits the Mikuni TM24, the manifold is used by many dealers who buy them from us.

Sorry we do not take Paypal.

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