Lambretta Carburettor kit, small block, Dellorto 30mm PHBH, with Tea Strainer Air Filter


A complete carburettor kit, contains everything from the inlet gasket through to carburettor.

Comes complete with a tea strainer filter.

Ideal as a replacement for old worn out standard carburettors or on a tuned scooter.

It gives slightly more power than the 28mm version at the expense of a little fuel economy.

More suited to higher states of tune (stage 4 -6).

Suits all 125/150/175/190 cast type cylinders.

Designed to fit all full panelled scooters without cutting holes in your panels.

Although pictured, this kit does NOT include a throttle cable.


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Lambretta Carburettor kit, small block, Dellorto 30mm PHBH, with Tea Strainer Air Filter

£ 216.12
Price: £ 180.10 Ex Vat

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Dom on 17 Apr 2020 asked "Can this be supplied with a ram/remote air filter rather than a tea strainer one? If so will it fit ok under a GP side panel? I'm looking to replace my current old 30mm open mouth Amal on a stage 5 Honda 205. I want to run a filter and have something cleaner with no spit back under the panel. Would this be a suitable replacement? Thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Its a good replacement to the Amal. We can leave off the Tea strainer if you what to use a remote filter

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