Vespa Oil breather cap, stainless steel, MB


Vespa PX/PE oil breather is close to the rear wheel and are know to block up with dirt.

This simple breather helps the inside of the engine breath which is very important to stop oil seals blowing.

It comes with a length of plastic pipe which can be tucked higher around the carb area.

Another MB product, made in stainless steel.

Vespa Oil breather cap, stainless steel, MB
  • Vespa Oil breather cap, stainless steel, MB
  • Vespa Oil breather cap, stainless steel, MB

£ 7.70
Price: £ 6.42 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Jon 05 May 2021 

Great service, great product


5 star 2. Jason K 11 May 2021 

After spending three days scraping an inch of dried on mud off a vespa engine it's apparent that fitting one of these breathers is essential for standard or tuned vespas


5 star 3. Lynn w 12 Jul 2021 

Simple easy & effective answer to diverting oil the comes out of breather going on back wheel Of Vespa while using with side stand

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Shaun f on 16 Feb 2021 asked "Hi is this compatible with a t5? Do you also do a filter to fit this pipe? Also am I right in thinking that this stops the oil leaking when on side stand? Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it fits the T5 abd stop oil leaking

Ashley R on 10 May 2019 asked "Does this need a new fibre washer when fitted? Thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No need if the original is ok, but should always really change them

Marin K on 30 Mar 2018 asked "Hello Can you please tell me what is metric thread dimension of this oil breather (is it m4, m6 or something else?) It is important to me because i want to be sure it fits to my vespa. Thank you Regards, Marin"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They are 7mm

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