Instant Gasket, Petrol resistant, Silicone sealant, 80ml


This is a fantastic high temperature silicone sealer that resists petrol and oil mix, unlike most of the other sealers on the market.

To use on these joints;

  • Cylinder base gaskets and packing plates
  • Cylinder head to cylinder and gaskets
  • Inlet manifold faces
  • Drive gasket area
  • Mag gasket joints

This beads up and fills in gaps especially around cylinder base faces and around studs. 

Instant Gasket, Petrol resistant, Silicone sealant, 80ml

£ 14.40
Price: £ 12.00 Ex Vat

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Richard T on 17 May 2022 asked "Hi is this product good to seal the mating face of a rubber lth mount plz"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes should be fine

John on 17 Aug 2021 asked "Hi Mark. Have just received this. Can I use it on my exhaust gasket ? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You can do, if need be

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