Lambretta Tool, spark plug socket, MB


It's a well known fact the Lambretta spark plug is in an awkward position and hard to get to, especially when a TS1, RB or Monza cylinder is fitted.

So Mark Broadhurst came up with this really great idea to make life easier, with these points:

  • Knurled  finger grip to remove plug when hot
  • 13mm Hexagon head so you can use a spanner or socket that is always with you
  • Fits all type of engines with a standard style spark plug

Lambretta Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Lambretta Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Lambretta Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Lambretta Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Lambretta Tool, spark plug socket, MB

£ 15.84
Price: £ 13.20 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 42 )


5 star 1. Gary C 15 Apr 2021 

Great quality product at a great price, a must for any Lammy tool kit


5 star 2. Scott S 06 Feb 2015 

Brilliant! Well made and obviously designed by someone who dlot of work on scooters. This is a great item from a great to deal with company. Get one.


5 star 3. Geoff S 17 Jun 2018 

Excellent well made spark plug tool A must have


5 star 4. Terry 09 Jun 2022 

Great quality made tool, always at hand to keep in your toolbox, without taking up room …ðŸ"ðŸ»


5 star 5. Nicked N 27 Jun 2022 

Excellent little spark plug tool makes life so much easier to remove plug, even when hot. Wish I had bought one years ago


5 star 6. Lee S 14 Oct 2019 

Quality product Fits in to small area to help remove the sparkplug


5 star 7. Derek W 06 May 2020 

Great product sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Recommended.


5 star 8. Ian F 13 Nov 2020 

Top quality as per usual ðŸ"


5 star 9. Colin m 01 Dec 2020 

Clever bit of kit , much easier with ts1


5 star 10. Thomas K 27 Feb 2021 

Got it in all my scooters toolboxes now. It is the smallest socket available and the best is, you don't need to carry a ratchet to undo the spark plug, just a 13 spanner. Works also great to undo and tighten the front hub spindle nuts when you need to change a wheel. Essential tool for touring & traveling.


5 star 11. Graham O 09 Jun 2021 

Extremely well made piece of kit. Small enough for any tool kit but makes the job of changing spark plugs very easy - even hot plugs. Fast delivery.


5 star 12. Geoff S 17 Jun 2018 

Excellent well made spark plug tool A must have


5 star 13. Lesley L 14 Jun 2021 

Great item pleased with the service and quick delivery


5 star 14. Tez g 23 Jul 2021 

Great piece of kit, well made , easy to carry in tool box, at a good price. Recommended.


5 star 15. Colin t 24 Jul 2021 

Fits great top quality as always


5 star 16. David 11 Dec 2021 

Very pleased with this. Well made and a quality product. Perfect size. Thank you


5 star 17. Michael b 24 Apr 2022 

I am a novice to the Lambretta world having only owned a Vespa many years ago. I saw this socket mentioned on the classic Lambretta FB page and decided to try it. It’s brilliant-I have arthritis in my hands and this made spark plug removal and fitting so much easier for me-thanks MB and we’ll done ðŸ"


5 star 18. Andy H 15 Jul 2022 

I had been wanting to get on of these spark plug sockets for a while and I must be honest it’s a cracking bit of engineering, excellent finish and well worth the money. An essential tool for every lambretta owners kit bag.


5 star 19. Andy T 22 Jun 2023 

Prefect product and service as always from MB.


5 star 20. Ian S 08 Dec 2023 

Well worth the money, what a great well designed tool..A great addition to my tool kit.


5 star 21. Jonathan S 31 May 2024 

Brilliant idea.. Makes removing the spark plug so easy. Has to be a must have in your tool kit


5 star 22. Paul H 25 Apr 2023 

Spot on.nice piece of kit


5 star 23. Mike A 26 Sep 2010 

Fine tool. Very nicely made,and very practical.


5 star 24. Paul T 14 Oct 2010 

Great product no more burning fingers when doing those plug checks out on the scooter !!! Toddy


5 star 25. Desi 09 Dec 2010 

A cracking innovation - no more burnt fingers


5 star 26. Spursy 18 Jan 2011 

Spot on bit of kit ,,,,, and speedy delivery ,,,,,,,next day


5 star 27. Spursy 27 Jan 2011 

spot on ,, one of the best tools i bought ,


5 star 28. BigRich 27 Jan 2011 

Absolutely superb Top quality Once again MB deliver the very best


5 star 29. Mick m 15 Sep 2011 

5 star service as you come to expect from MB,also the product is also worth 5 stars as it is a very useful item that should be included in every ones tool kits


5 star 30. James M 16 Feb 2021 

Well thought out tool . Will make things a whole lot easier when changing hot plugs knurled edges make the job simple . Maybe a rubber insert to hold the plug as well . On the whole really happy


5 star 31. David b 07 May 2011 

Great product! Well done MB...... Saves difficult angles and burnt fingers Well worth the money Love it!


5 star 32. Alex b 01 Jul 2017 

Excellent product this spark plug socket. Well made and high quality materials. Turned up quickly as usual too


5 star 33. Keith W 26 Jan 2022 

A well thought out tool, made to a high standard. It also solved a problem by fitting easily in the limited space around the cylinder head. I'm very pleased with it


5 star 34. Adrian 17 Oct 2011 

Great little tool makes removing a hot plug easier, handy size to fit in the toolbox


5 star 35. David B 23 Mar 2021 

Great design for easy use with a 13mm spanner & a bonus space saver in your tool roll. Quality


5 star 36. Steve A 14 Jun 2014 

Brilliant piece of kit and so easy to use defo worth getting hold of one.


5 star 37. Paul D 28 Mar 2015 

Saw this tool on your face book page just after struggling to change a plug with a existing lambretta plug spanner . What brilliant and simple tool fits good ,quick and simple to use small enough to fit in your pocket . Well done mb .


5 star 38. Mark J 16 Jun 2022 

Really well made tool, perfect for the Lammy toolbox


5 star 39. Alan w 27 Oct 2015 

useful,compact tool. It will come in handy I'm sure.


5 star 40. Sam L 31 Oct 2016 

Very useful addition to any on board tool kit. No more burned fingers. Well make and solid.


5 star 41. Rolf W 03 Jun 2021 

Very good tool, every toolkit should have one.


4 star 42. Charles W 21 Aug 2023 

Well made, compact and easy to store and use. Only drawback is that there is no rubber insert to keep the plug in the extractor when its been you have to handle the hot plug to remove it!

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