Tool, spark plug socket, MB


It's a well known fact the Lambretta spark plug is in an awkward position and hard to get to, especially when a TS1, RB or Monza cylinder is fitted.

So Mark Broadhurst came up with this really great idea to make life easier, with these points:

  • Knurled  finger grip to remove plug when hot
  • 13mm Hexagon head so you can use a spanner or socket that is always with you
  • Fits all type of engines with a standard style spark plug

Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Tool, spark plug socket, MB
  • Tool, spark plug socket, MB

£ 21.77
Price: £ 18.14 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 15 )


5 star 1. Scott S 06 Feb 2015 

Brilliant! Well made and obviously designed by someone who dlot of work on scooters. This is a great item from a great to deal with company. Get one.


5 star 2. Mike A 26 Sep 2010 

Fine tool. Very nicely made,and very practical.


5 star 3. Paul T 14 Oct 2010 

Great product no more burning fingers when doing those plug checks out on the scooter !!! Toddy


5 star 4. Desi 09 Dec 2010 

A cracking innovation - no more burnt fingers


5 star 5. Spursy 18 Jan 2011 

Spot on bit of kit ,,,,, and speedy delivery ,,,,,,,next day


5 star 6. Spursy 27 Jan 2011 

spot on ,, one of the best tools i bought ,


5 star 7. BigRich 27 Jan 2011 

Absolutely superb Top quality Once again MB deliver the very best


5 star 8. Mick m 15 Sep 2011 

5 star service as you come to expect from MB,also the product is also worth 5 stars as it is a very useful item that should be included in every ones tool kits


5 star 9. David b 07 May 2011 

Great product! Well done MB...... Saves difficult angles and burnt fingers Well worth the money Love it!


5 star 10. Adrian 17 Oct 2011 

Great little tool makes removing a hot plug easier, handy size to fit in the toolbox


5 star 11. Steve A 14 Jun 2014 

Brilliant piece of kit and so easy to use defo worth getting hold of one.


5 star 12. Paul D 28 Mar 2015 

Saw this tool on your face book page just after struggling to change a plug with a existing lambretta plug spanner . What brilliant and simple tool fits good ,quick and simple to use small enough to fit in your pocket . Well done mb .


5 star 13. Alan w 27 Oct 2015 

useful,compact tool. It will come in handy I'm sure.


5 star 14. Sam L 31 Oct 2016 

Very useful addition to any on board tool kit. No more burned fingers. Well make and solid.


5 star 15. Alex b 01 Jul 2017 

Excellent product this spark plug socket. Well made and high quality materials. Turned up quickly as usual too

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