Lambretta Side panel locks, pair with matched keys


Panel theft is a sad event that seems to be happening a lot again as prices of scooters creep up.

These are high quality U.K. made matching locks with high quality chrome finish.

These panel locks need small holes drilling in each panel, roughly aligned with where the rear frame badge is.

The locks are matched pairs, which means you get two locks but only need one key (important when you are trying to take a panel off in the dark or wet!)

Lambretta Side panel locks, pair with matched keys
  • Lambretta Side panel locks, pair with matched keys
  • Lambretta Side panel locks, pair with matched keys

£ 21.60
Price: £ 18.00 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Mark 09 Oct 2015 

Received side panel locks within a couple of days of my order my thanks for great service ...I was going to put Indian GP panels on my 1969 GP but the original ones have 46 years of character and tell a story only a lambretta enthusiast/owner can appreciate ....only upgrade are new tyres inner tubes new brake shoes. rear tyre wide rim ..and fast flow tap .....Mark B Prestatyn


5 star 2. Rob H 01 Nov 2019 

Good quality chrome finished pair and and at a fair price. Locks seem durable and the keys match accordingly and snugly. I haven't fitted them yet although it doesn't seem like rocket science and there is good advice on 'how to do' on internet. Thanks for speedy delivery


5 star 3. Gordon E 22 Apr 2020 

Another excellent product. Reasonably easy to fit, but some on-site advice would help those who are perhaps less technically adept. The panel holes need to be flat-sided and not fully round.

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Chemode on 08 Jan 2017 asked "Will these also stop the panels from coming loose? I have a series 3 Li150 and one panel keeps coming loose. Thanks C"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they help stop panels coming off. But also check to see if the panel is twisted and make sure the rear brackets are all correct

Graham C on 28 Mar 2016 asked "Hi, Can you get these in a set of 3 with the same key, as I would like my legshield tool box and both panels to match if possible. Graham"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes I think so, give the shop a ring to check them out

Mike M on 09 Aug 2008 asked "I have a question about "Pair of panel locks with matched keys" Do you provide anything to help get these fitted in the right place (other than the advice int he description)? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry we don't as every frame and panel could be slightly different.

Fit the panels and offer up the lock to give you an idea where they need to be.

This ideal area is just below the rear of the seat.

Depending on where you fit the lock the lever may need tweaking to just touch the panel rubber or underside of the frame.

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