Lambretta Stud 6x21mm - 7x4x10mm, rear hub plate, linkage tie bar, stainless steel, MB


This stainless steel stud is designed to fit on the casing where the rear hub bearing sits and holds on the plate which holds the rear hub bearing in.

You need four per casing.

We also uses this stud to convert gear selector arms to take a stud.

6mm x 6 - 5 - 10mm

Lambretta Stud 6x21mm - 7x4x10mm, rear hub plate, linkage tie bar, stainless steel, MB

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5 star 1. Felix 17 Mar 2011 

top guy Phil, alwways helpful, even though i added things to my order he made it simpler for me. Got everything very soon. thanx


5 star 2. Billy H 18 Jan 2014 

Seems silly to buy fixings from MRB. It's only a bolt stud after all. I thought that but decided to get all MRB fixings on my latest project to simplify things.. Today, went to my local industrial hardware store and took some MRB fixings with me because I wanted to compare. The quality from MRB compared to a legit major industrial center was instantly recognizable. my MRB fixings were far superior to the best they had on offer. Don't be fooled into thinking there's no difference. I saw first hand there is a difference in quality and Im the sort that doesnt want to be sat on side of the rode because I tried to save 10p on a bolt. Get MRB and you wont be dissapointed. I wont use anything else. Cheers Mark, Phil, Luke & Ian for giving me the best money can buy


5 star 3. Mark h 22 Mar 2018 

Very impressed with these high quality studs from Mb , fit perfectly and will last forever

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Mike on 23 Jun 2011 asked "I have a question about "Rear hub plate stud 6 x 21mm stainless steel MRB" Which part of the stud is fitted into the casing? is it the longer length of thread just that if that is the case then the shorter thread does not look long enough for a nyloc nut to be fitted & to grip the thread?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Fit the nut to the short threaded end, then screw in the stud like you would a screw, use a tiny amount of loctite on the thread in the casing and every thing should look and work perfect from then on.

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