Lambretta SIP speedo/rev counter, Series 3, Black face

OEM: 50000820

Rev Counter/Speedometer SIP V2.0 for Lambretta Li 125/150 S1, 2, TV 175.

It can measure your speed with the conventional speedometer cable and drive assembly or alternatively with the electronic wheel revolution sensor kit (separate).

Data recorded is saved by an internal storage facility.

Works on 12V AC/DC and requires no battery.

Works with Vespatronic and Parmakit ignition systems.

To adjust and scroll through the functions on the electronic display a small button is included, which can be easily and inconspicuously located beneath the scooters existing light switch. 

A new feature of the 2.0 version is the choice between an analogue speedometer or rev counter. The speedometer needle can be used to display either speed or rpm. During longer trips you can also record the total time of your journey and the average speeds for both daily stages and the whole tour, which can be set up individually. The total number of miles/km travelled, recorded by your original speedometer unit, can also be transferred to the mile/km value displayed. 

All of our speedometers are delivered including a voltage regulator, all necessary connections, a temperature sensor and full installation instructions.

The functions of the SIP Rev counter/Speedometer:

  • Analogue rev counter up to 12 or 14000 rpm, according to model
  • Maximum digitally displayed speed: 140 mph or 199 km
  • Maximum temperature: 250°C or 32-482°F for cylinder head or cooling water temperature, a temperature sensor for the spark plug is also included in the delivery
  • Time
  • Maximum digitally displayed rpm up to 14000 rpm
  • Maximum total measurable distance travelled: 99999 km or miles
  • Distance extended to 9999,9 km or miles
  • Maximum time 99,59 h
  • Maximum average speed 199 kph or 140 mph
  • As an alternative to an analogue rev counter, the speedometer needle can also display maximum speeds of up 140 kph/mph
  • Maximum speed 199 kph or 140 mph
  • Maximum rpm
  • Maximum temperature

Lambretta SIP speedo/rev counter, Series 3, Black face
  • Lambretta SIP speedo/rev counter, Series 3, Black face
  • Lambretta SIP speedo/rev counter, Series 3, Black face
  • Lambretta SIP speedo/rev counter, Series 3, Black face

£ 159.49
Price: £ 132.91 Ex Vat

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Shaun c on 22 Mar 2021 asked "Hi there I'm running a full DC system and currently the only way to provide a switched 12v supply is to connect to the lighting circuit . The obvious downside being the speedo won't work without the lights on. Do you know to an ignition switch for a GP with an accessory position to overcome this Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: From memory you power up from the stator wire before the regulator. This gives AC power as soon as the engine starts. There isn't a full DC switch on the market at the moment. We have one coming due this year.

Paul on 23 Nov 2017 asked "Are the sip speedos compatible with a kill switch or would a key switch be more suitable?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not 100% sure but it should be no problem, as they only power up when the engine is running

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