Lambretta Rev counter, CHT, Clock (gauge, bracket, battery) MB


Specially made for MB Scooters - Lambretta rev counter and cylinder head temperature gauge with clock.

Large easy to rear digits with Green LED background.

Comes with wires the correct length to fit a Lambretta with the unit mounted on the stainless steel plate which mounts to the light switch housing.

Gives these functions

  • Rev counter 
  • Cylinder head temperature gauge -20C - +300C (-4F-+572F)
  • Clock (12 - 24hr)
  • Maximum revs (depending on setting on number of cylinders and sparks 0 - 5000 to 0 - 25000rpm)
  • Maximum temperature
  • Adjustable warnings for revs and temperature
  • Revs pick up off the HT lead
  • CHT is from a ring which can be fitted below the spark plug or bolted to the head/cylinder

Comes in the kit

  • Rev counter unit
  • Wires for rev counter
  • Wires for CHT
  • Wires for DC supply
  • Battery for setting the Unit
  • Stainless steel handlebar mounting bracket
  • Instructions

Requires a 12 volt DC supply from a battery - does not work with a single half wave rectifier.

Guage size 78.5 x 40.5 x 20.5mm.

TIP; grind the head away around the fins for the tempersature sensor to fit easy under the plug or bolt it to you fins or fit it on top of the plug held down with a piece of rubber.


Lambretta Rev counter, CHT, Clock (gauge, bracket, battery) MB

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Graham on 15 Feb 2021 asked "Hi, can you get replacement rings for this product. Mines broken and looks like you can replace them, but can't find any. Cheers Graham"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry Ive not got any, I will see if I can get some

Dino C on 21 Oct 2020 asked "Will this gauge work with the new Ducati ignition fitted to the Casa SSR265 engine.. Regards Dino"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Should do, its adjustable

Antony L on 09 Jul 2020 asked "Do you know if this will work off of a BGM AC rectifier with a DC trickle feed ? Thank you "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It will, but can cut out at low revs, if you added a small battery to the trickle charge that works, or a 'Scootronics Intel charger'

Brett on 26 May 2020 asked "Would this work with the scootronics inteliconverter ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it should no problem

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