Lambretta 12 volt, batter capacitor (25v 33000uf)


12 volt DC  Capacitors can replace a battery.

This is a 33000uf version is ideal for most Lambretta DC electronic systems.

Fit them instead of a battery on a DC electronic system, theses store and stablise DC energy and only work when the engine is running, saves on the hassle of a battery and is smaller and lighter. 

Lambretta 12 volt, batter capacitor (25v 33000uf)
  • Lambretta 12 volt, batter capacitor (25v 33000uf)
  • Lambretta 12 volt, batter capacitor (25v 33000uf)

£ 18.54
Price: £ 15.45 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Tim B 05 Sep 2016 

I wanted DC lighting (don't do ACDC) didn't know where to put battery, this was holding me back then I saw this capacitor (on related bits) which takes the place of a battery, doesn't hold charge but does provide a missing link great bit of kit I never knew existed easy to fit. Tim EOSC

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Peter M on 17 Jan 2015 asked "Does the capacitor come with mounts or brackets for attaching to the scooter and where would you suggest fixing on a standard Lambretta without a toolbox?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These don't come with brackets, There could be rubber mounts and clamps around to fit, we just cable tight them. These can be mounted out of the way anywhere.

Bob G on 06 Dec 2014 asked "Hi, can you tell me the diameter and height of this cap? Thanks, Bob."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Diameter 35mm height 80mm

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