Lambretta Piston kit, 64.00mm, 39mm crown, Race-Tour, piston port cylinders, forged, MB


This is one of our MB forged Race-Tour piston kits these are the strongest most versatile piston ever made for a Lambretta scooter. It provides better than Japanese quality without the additional expense of having to change your con-rod.

Piston dimensions;

  • Piston size - 64.00mm
  • Engine size - 186/190
  • Induction type - Piston port
  • Piston crown height - 39.00mm
  • Piston dome - 7mm
  • Skirt - 70.50mm
  • Con rod length - 107 110mm
  • Gudgeon pin - 16mm
  • Small end bearing width - 20mm

The piston kit includes;

  • Piston
  • Piston rings
  • Circlips
  • Gudgeon pin

Suitable for small block cylinders;

  • Cast iron 150/175/190
  • Race-Tour 190
  • SR/KA 175-190
  • Mugello 190 (may need a piston mod)
  • Casa 190

It is not designed for reed valve type cylinders but is strong enough to be modified for one.

Lambretta Piston kit, 64.00mm, 39mm crown, Race-Tour, piston port cylinders, forged, MB

£ 162.70
Price: £ 135.58 Ex Vat


  • Stronger and lighter.
  • Uses 2 wire non breakable piston rings.
  • Uses wire no tag piston circlips.
  • Uses the same gudgeon pin through out the piston range.
  • 15 sizes from 64mm to 71mm.

    Piston port pistons suit:

  • All standard 150-175 cylinders bored out to 190.
  • SR/KA 190 alloy iron lined cylinders.
  • Mugello 190 alloy cylinders.
  • Any old type tuned cast cylinders kit.
  • Our new Race-Tour 190 alloy cylinder kit.


  • Made from the latest modern alloy material for 2-stroke engines.
  • The strongest purpose made forged Lambretta piston available to date.

Development History

  • Fed up of poor piston quality and supplies in the past, MRB invested heavily in these pistons.
  • Designed by Mark Broadhurst and piston supplier Cegway who has a history of Formula one piston design.
  • Tooling was made in the UK and shipped to America where the forgings are done, and machined once back in the UK.

Reasons to Buy

  • The strongest most versatile piston ever made for a standard or tuned Lambretta.
  • A full range of sizes in 0.5mm increments from 64mm to 71mm.
  • Piston kits weight between 244g and 286g.
  • To date over 500 pistons have been made with not one broken piston.


  • Recommended piston to bore clearance for Cast iron cylinders is .003'' - .0035''
  • Recommended piston to bore clearance for alloy cylinders with iron liners is .002'' -.0025''
  • Recommended piston to bore clearance for Nicasil or Ceramic plated cylinders is .0015 - .002''
  • Use only unleaded fuels, avoid the super unleaded type fuels.
  • Use fully sinthetic oils.
  • For long lasting reliability, once run in check your ring gap at 1000 - 1500 miles, replace rings if the ring gap has increased beyond acceptable limits.


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Bruce on 16 Mar 2014 asked "i have a 175 cast cylinder on a gp can I bore cylinder out to use this piston and what other mods do I have to do to cylinder. thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: IF its a genuine 175 cylinder there should be no problem to bore out the cylinder for this piston. Make sure you have a 107/110mm con rod and the head will need opening out to suit

Rob A on 15 Dec 2009 asked "I have a question about "Race-Tour piston kit for piston port cylinders, 64.00mm, MRB" Is this piston a direct replacement for the piston in the Casa 190 kit? Do any modifications need to be made? Thanks, Rob "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Im not sure to be honest, its been over a year since I've seen a protype cylinder so without seeing the original Casa piston I can not say, send me a photo and I can let you know.

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