Dellorto Float fast flow needle valve, 3.50, PH/VH, Viton, MB


This MB made 3.5mm fast flow float needle valve is used on PH and VH type Dellorto carburettors to help solve the fuel starvation problem they suffer when used on Lambrettas and Vespas when fitted with a standard 2mm smaller valve.

Made from Viton to help with modern fuels.

These work on any engine of any size standard or tuned which are using smaller valves.

Dellorto Float fast flow needle valve, 3.50, PH/VH, Viton, MB

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5 star 1. Roger B 07 Mar 2009 

This is an ESSENTIAL, yes ESSENTIAL upgrade when running a TS1 engine! With the old 3.0 valve, the carburettor was emptying quicker than it was filling up! Result... Fuel starvation when more than half throttle sustained when cruising. This 3.5 Float needle valve cured my previous problems, by increasing the fuel flow, and my TS1 is now a joy to ride with power on demand, and no sign of fuel starvation when the throttle is opened up! VROOOOOOM! Very highly recommended! Essential to avoid blowing the engine up by inadvertently running the engine too lean when the float chamber level goes low. Don't hesitate, BUY IT!

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Ging on 16 Oct 2014 asked "Hello all. Would Roger's review also be applicable/advisable to use in my VHSH 30mm (with remote filter)? I'm running a Mugello 225 with a taffspeed exhaust? All the best, Ging."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes, fit either a 3 or 3.5mm (I think Ginge meant a 2.5 which comes as standard in most carbs)

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