Lambretta Oil, 2 (two) stroke, Formula K2, fully synthetic, Pre-mix only (not for auto lube engines) Maxima


MB have researched into improving lubrication for vintage 2-stroke engines using modern fuels for many years and have found Maxima Oils, a long established American company (40 years) who`s background has firmly come from racing, specialising in 2-stroke and 4-stroke lubricants.

We have discovered that all fully synthetic 2-stroke oils are not all the same;

Maxima K2 fully synthetic oil exceeds all other oils and has improved lubrication properties helping with today's low quality petrol! 

Please read our technical pages to understand why we are now supporting Maxima Oils for use in performance vintage 2 - stroke engines.

Lambretta Oil, 2 (two) stroke, Formula K2, fully synthetic, Pre-mix only (not for auto lube engines) Maxima
  • Lambretta Oil, 2 (two) stroke, Formula K2, fully synthetic, Pre-mix only (not for auto lube engines) Maxima
  • Lambretta Oil, 2 (two) stroke, Formula K2, fully synthetic, Pre-mix only (not for auto lube engines) Maxima

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2 - stroke oils vary in grades from one - being the lowest to five - being the highest grade - Maxima K2 formula falls into the grade 5 HIGHEST category.

For use in air-cooled or liquid-cooled 2-strokes that are pre-mix. (Not oil injected-or Autolube, e.g. Modern 2-stroke Vespas)

The Four major components make up 2 stroke oil:

1 - Base oil - mineral or synthetic base oil, represents up to 80% of finished oil.

2 - Bright stock/PIB added to improve lubricity at high temperatures, Air cooled engines require more bright stock due to higher cylinder temperatures, It is used as a component of base stock to prevent scuffing and offer additional protection.

3 - Solvents/Dilutents - petroleum based solvents are added to improve the blending of the oil with petrol. It also reduces the viscosity of oil to let it flow through injector systems at low temperatures, represents up to 40% of finished oils.

4 - Detergents/Additives - cleans combustion deposits, provides corrosion protection, reduces ring gumming and sticking and plug fouling, There are two groups of additive packs, metal based and ash less, represents up to 20% of finished oil.

Development History

Not ALL synthetic oils are the same!!!  please read.

Some Basic Facts about Oil: There are five different groups of base oil.

Group 1 Solvent frozen mineral oil - is the least processed and lowest cost.

Group 2 Hydro processed and refined mineral oil-most common of petrol based oils

Group 3 Hydro-isomerises synthetics- starts as group 1 petroleum based, then processed to remove impurities and hydrocarbon polymers, improving the thermal and oxidative stability over group 1 and 2. This is the lowest cost synthetic oil.

Group 4 PAO (Polyalpaolefin) produced by breaking down petroleum based oil and reforming molecules into polymers in a planned manner. They have low pour points (thinner), greater stability (works better under high heat) and greater resistance to thermal oxidation than group 1, 2, and 3.

Group 5 Esters-produced by reacting an alcohol with an animal or plant based fatty acid into structured polymers (esters, diesters), superior film strength. Esters are polar and actually CLING TO METAL, they are the most expensive to produce.
(Maxima K2-Formula is a group 5 oil)

Reasons to Buy

Formula K2 is a very high performance 100% synthetic 2-stroke lubricant utilizing 2000 centistoke esters along with special additives to achieve outstanding levels of protection and cleanliness, reduced friction and wear, ring sticking and exhaust carbon are virtually eliminated and also provides higher levels of rust and corrosion protection.


As with any pre-mix engine, always best to turn off the fuel tap, add the correctly measured oil before the fuel, and to make sure the oil/fuel mixture is mixed well before setting off again.

This oil can be reduced in oil mixture down to 40 - 50:1 with no ill effect.

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5 star 1. Kevin p 28 Oct 2023 

Is k2 fully synthetic better then Motul 800 hundred has they say Motul is thicker and you don't after do it at 150mm to5 litres of fuel is that right

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Chris on 15 Jul 2014 asked "hi, MyLammy li 150 with 175 top-end has just been run in at 4% mix, would it be advisable to go down to 3% with this oil, or continue with a 4% mix. your advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers Chris "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We run this oil mixed at 32-40:1

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