Lambretta Stud 8x163mm, long cylinder stud, high tensile, self colour, MB


The original cylinder studs are not suitable for several reasons - they are not very strong and they are not long enough to suit various configurations of pack plates and shortened cylinders.

For a time we used Vespa P200 studs but they still weren't quite right so we had these studs made from high tensile steel.

The casing end (short threads) is threaded so that the stud will fit well into the casing and the head end is threaded to give some flexibility with pack plates and shortened cylinders.

Used on a standard cylinder there is plenty of thread exposed which allows the use of our 3/4 length cylinder head nuts which secure your head better by having much more thread than a standard nut.

Size 8mm x 163mm

A product used and designed by Mark Broadhurst

Lambretta Stud 8x163mm, long cylinder stud, high tensile, self colour, MB

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Price: £ 2.52 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Justin 24 Nov 2016 

as ever quality product :-)

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Gary B on 04 Feb 2023 asked "Is the short end tread 22mm or15mmif 15mm I have them with my rt kit 6mm shorter than original thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Our studs are 17mm that go into the casing

John on 13 Dec 2022 asked "Hi Mark, As per my prev question. I've received the kit, and the cylinder holes are only 8.5mm, studs are 8mm. Am i missing something? Thank you"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The new RT kits are coming at 8.5mm they were originally specked at 9mm so I drill them out

John on 27 Nov 2021 asked "Hi Mark. I see these are 8mm thick. Are these the same that come with the RT 225 piston ported kit? Also Stickys new kit book says many prefer / suggest thinner studs e.g 7.2mm due to poss seizures. What's your view on this please? I see all your studs are 8mm. Appreciated "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These are the same as comes with the kit - nothing wrong with them in the kit or these as spares. The info in the kit book is incorrect but I wasn't given that section to re write. The main problem is a lot of cylinders come with 8mm holes and holes slightly off set so they don't slide down 8mm studs - but the studs get the blame! So your told you need thinner studs! The real answer is to increase the cylinder hole size. RT kits use 9mm holes so with 8mm straight studs youve got 1mm clearance and RT kits don't seize up. We do a 8mm base relieved studs which works on any cylinder kit - part number MRB0885K. There's a big article on the subject in our Tech-Site.

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