Lambretta Engine bar short type, Li, stainless steel, MB


When stripping a scooter down it is common to find that the engine bar is rusted in and it can sometimes be a nightmare to remove it.

The engine bar is fairly exposed to rust and you could find it does not take long before the bar sticks.

To prevent this we had the engine bar remade in stainless steel.

This bar will fit any Series 1 2 or 3 Lambretta engine that has been fitted with the small type engine mounts.

These are 215mm long.

Lambretta Engine bar short type, Li, stainless steel, MB

£ 8.39
Price: £ 6.99 Ex Vat

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Robert F on 20 May 2022 asked "Hi The removed engine bolt from my Series 3 LI Special measures 215mm Will this bolt be ok to use or can you recommend an alternative. Robert"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Hi yes its the same bar

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