Lambretta Crankcase side filler (breather) cap, stainless steel, MB


Our new MB Road - Race filler breather cap.

Made from stainless steel, designed by Mark Broadhust.

Comes with a length of fuel pipe long enough to push high above the tank out of the way.

No more leaking filler caps.

TOP TIP: run the breather pipe horizontal just after it comes out of the casing to allow air to free flow, then run the rest of the pipe above the tank. 

Lambretta Crankcase side filler (breather) cap, stainless steel, MB

£ 14.10
Price: £ 11.75 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 14 )


5 star 1. Najib 12 Mar 2013 

i will never going back to original!!!


5 star 2. Mark D 30 May 2019 

The replacement oil breather nut is well made and fitted without any issues. A generous length of pipe is included which can be easily cut to the length required. So far so good.


5 star 3. Chris B 20 Apr 2017 

Very good crankcase breather it's well made and easy to fit plus it did what I wanted it to do,


5 star 4. Paul B 09 Nov 2017 

Great service from MB as always. Breather is so much better than the original. No chance of the hole being blocked by the cables any more. Super quality and fits perfectly.


5 star 5. Garry i 27 Nov 2018 

Very nice as usual


5 star 6. Paul S 04 Jul 2019 

Fast delivery as always and superb quality item


5 star 7. Paul P 28 Sep 2019 

leaking from standard breather ,put this on ,extension breather, no more leaks ,it would be nice if mb could make a extension that's about 2,3 inches high, out of design alloy,would look better on scoot,rather than those,but this 1 is designed to fill up gear oil.


5 star 8. Jimmy H 10 Dec 2020 

Top bit of kit


5 star 9. Michael P 21 Jan 2021 

Good product, looks good and works. Like it.


5 star 10. Gary C 22 Jan 2021 

quality product at a great price............. delivered in good time


5 star 11. Lee F 25 Feb 2021 

Quality part looks and fits great.


5 star 12. Darren L 24 Oct 2022 

Excellent item, cant fault MB Scooters, everything I've ordered is top quality.


5 star 13. Dean J 22 Jun 2021 

As always a top bit of kit produced the team at MB


5 star 14. John W 20 Dec 2022 

Top quality part and great service.

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Rob C on 17 Jan 2022 asked "I'm having trouble with the venting on the fuel tank. Once fuel level falls below about half full, the scooter simply starts to stutter and stop. I then have to remove the fuel cap and within a minute it starts to run again. Two schools of thought - one is the fuel cap itself being faulty, the other is the venting system blocked. Any idea how this might be sorted please?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sounds like the vent in the petrol cap is blocked, either drill a 1mm hole in it or fit a new cap. Check you have a fast flow fuel tap fitted and drains around 0.5L in a minute

Paul on 01 Jun 2019 asked "Why did you change from the smaller diameter pipe size ? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: In an effort to improve breathability across the engine range with different oils

Joe on 23 Dec 2015 asked "Can this breather cap install on Vespa LX150??"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not 100% sure, you can return it if it does't fit and there is no damage

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