Lambretta Spark plug HT cap, NGK


We used to only keep the rubber type plug caps as we liked them so much.

But we keep getting asked for these plug caps so we keep them.

They are the resistor type so they won't upset everyone's television reception as you ride past.

Lambretta Spark plug HT cap, NGK
  • Lambretta Spark plug HT cap, NGK
  • Lambretta Spark plug HT cap, NGK

£ 5.03
Price: £ 4.19 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Paul B 28 Nov 2017 

Top quality as always and great service

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PAUL on 08 Mar 2022 asked "I am confused by the apparent vast array of plug cap types. I have recently been told that a NON-RESISTOR plug cap should be used with an Electronic Ignition System on Lambrettas,otherwise damage may be caused to the system. But it seems that this RESISTOR type cap is being recommended, for just such an application. Could you please clarify this anomaly ? Thank you"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We only sell resistor plugs these days, helps with all the speedos and rev counters used, makes no difference on electronics

Lee on 24 Nov 2016 asked "Hi also thought you wasn't meant to use resistor type is this true is this OK on rt195 kit "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Its best to use a resister plug especially if your going to use toys/gadgets

John on 10 Nov 2015 asked "Hi, is this resistor ok to use on standard lambretta's. I was led to believe non or zero resistor caps had to be used? Thanks "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes no problem

Ryan v on 27 Nov 2011 asked "how much would the rubber peice in the bottom left on its own please as that is the only part i need?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry it's not available on its own.

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