Lambretta Rear light lens, Li, Tv (angle lens) Carello


Innocenti in their wisdom used three different types of rear light units on Series 3 Lambrettas.

The Carello (This one) lens is on an angle.

If you put it on a flat surface the top of it will not be parallel with the surface.

The CEV and Aprilia lens look much the same until you look at the two holes for the screws that hold it on to the rear light unit.

On a CEV lens the holes are in the middle of the lens (height wise).

On an Aprilia lens the holes are towards the top of the lens (height wise).

You can use this information to work out which lens you need even if your lens is missing.

Lambretta Rear light lens, Li, Tv (angle lens) Carello

£ 16.63
Price: £ 13.86 Ex Vat

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