Lambretta Kickstart Piston (plunger) MB


Lambretta Kickstart piston remade and re-designed by Mark Broadhurst for MB Scooters.

A top quality product made using modern materials and heat treatment.

You will now see the teeth on the piston are thinner, this is to engage into the deepest part of the 1st gear.


Lambretta Kickstart Piston (plunger) MB
  • Lambretta Kickstart Piston (plunger) MB
  • Lambretta Kickstart Piston (plunger) MB
  • Lambretta Kickstart Piston (plunger) MB

£ 33.46
Price: £ 27.88 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. 29 Dec 2020 

Quick and correct shipment, Don't know for the plunger yet It is ready to install


5 star 2. Jeff P 02 Feb 2021 

Great quality thanks.


5 star 3. John b 13 Mar 2021 

very good quality you can not get better

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Phil h on 16 Jan 2022 asked "Hello, will this plunger help to engage a full kick stroke without the excess travel i am experiencing? At present, the kickstart has about a third travel before engaging, if i "tap" the kickstart several times i can get it to engage for a full stroke. So,will this product alleviate kick pedal travel? SX150, 1967, (200 engine,GP casing) . Kind reg, Phil "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These are the best kickstart plungers for engaging. But this sounds like the kickstart ramp needs grinding away (or if its a Li case with adjustable ramp) so the kickstart plunger comes out earlier. Or you can try to use one of our adjustable kickstart levers

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