Lambretta Piston kit, 64.50mm, 39mm crown, Race-Tour, reed cylinders, forged, MB


This is one of our MB forged Race-Tour piston kits, these are the strongest most versatile piston ever made for a Lambretta scooter. It provides better than Japanese quality without the additional expense of having to change your con-rod.

Piston dimensions;

  • Piston size - 64.50mm
  • Engine size - 186/190
  • Induction type - Reed type
  • Piston crown height - 39.00mm
  • Piston dome - 7mm
  • Skirt - 70.50mm
  • Con rod length - 107, 110mm
  • Gudgeon pin - 16mm
  • Small end bearing width - 20mm
The piston kit includes;

  • Piston
  • Piston rings
  • Circlips
  • Gudgeon pin

Suitable for small block cylinders;

  • Cast iron 150/175/190 (reed conversion)
  • Race-Tour 190 (reed conversion)
  • SR/KA 175-190 (reed conversion)
  • Mugello 190 (reed conversion)
  • Casa 190 (reed conversion)
  • Imola 190 (replate oversize single boost port kit)

Lambretta Piston kit, 64.50mm, 39mm crown, Race-Tour, reed cylinders, forged, MB

£ 171.25
Price: £ 142.71 Ex Vat


  • Stronger and lighter.
  • Uses 2 wire non breakable piston rings.
  • Uses wire no tag piston circlips.
  • Uses the same gudgeon pin through out the piston range.
  • Special sizes vary from 64mm to 71mm.

    These Reed valve type pistons suit:

  • Imola 190 alloy cylinder kits.
  • Any old Retro cast reed valve conversion cylinders.


  • Made from the latest modern alloy materials for 2-stroke engines.
  • Forged for strength and are the strongest purpose made Lambretta piston available to date.
  • The most versatile purpose made piston for a Lambretta engine.

Development History

  • Fed up with poor piston quality and supplies in the past.
  • MRB have invested heavily in these pistons.
  • Designed by Mark Broadhurst and piston supplier Cegway who has a history of Formula one piston design.
  • Tooling was made in the UK, shipped to America where the forgings are done, and machined once back in the UK.

Reasons to Buy

  • The strongest most versatile piston ever made for a standard or tuned Lambretta.
  • A full range of sizes in 0.5mm increments from 64mm to 71mm.
  • Piston kits weight between 244g and 286g.
  • To date over 500 pistons have been made with not one broken piston.


  • Recommended piston to bore clearance for Cast iron cylinders is .003'' - .0035''.
  • Recommended piston to bore clearance for alloy cylinders with iron liners is .002'' -.0025''
  • Recommended piston to bore clearance for Nicasil or Ceramic plated cylinders is .0015 - .002''
  • Use only unleaded fuels, avoid the super unleaded type fuels.
  • Use fully sinthetic oils
  • For long lasting reliability, once run in check your ring gap at 1000 - 1500 miles, replace rings if the ring gap has increased beyond acceptable limits.


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Kevin on 23 Jul 2015 asked "Hi mark. Reading up on these pistons I noticed you recommend that people avoid the "super" unleaded petrol. Can you tell me why you advise only "normal" fuel. Plus is that in all engines..IE cast iron. Alloy and nicasil lined and what I have alloy and iron lined. A converted TS1 barrel is what I've got. Cheers KEV"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: In our research we find the additives in super unleaded wash oil away and cause problems with ring wear

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