Lambretta Rear hub cone, MB


This remade and re-designed rear hub cone is an 8 degree cone to suit the later GP rear hubs and the modern day Series 3 hubs.

Made in the UK using modern materials and heat treatment.

Another improved MB Product.

Lambretta Rear hub cone, MB
  • Lambretta Rear hub cone, MB
  • Lambretta Rear hub cone, MB
  • Lambretta Rear hub cone, MB

£ 6.18
Price: £ 5.15 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 6 )


5 star 1. Dave T 18 Feb 2011 

Superb,fast delivery and a high quality item (as usual) fits better than the cone that came with the hub which is a SIL item,hub not bought from here.


5 star 2. Simon L 11 Apr 2011 

Quality product and great fit with my SIL hub allowing the hub to pull up tighter which centres the rear wheel better and has improved brake shoe contact in my case.


5 star 3. Bruce 03 Nov 2016 

Top Quality part & service as always.


5 star 4. Peter 13 Jul 2021 

Had brake issue this seems to have sorted out my UNI rear hub. Rear hub remover is very good has well


5 star 5. Mark T 22 Apr 2022 

Well made quality cone, can't say much about one of these apart from it fits well, great quality and good price. Top marks again MB


5 star 6. Dave P 06 Apr 2023 

The cone arrived on time and is excellent quality.

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Henry P on 03 Nov 2021 asked "Will this cone fit the Tino sacchi and scootopia hubs."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It should be who knows, ours are based on the Gp and later type Italian hubs

Deano on 20 May 2019 asked "Will this rear hub cone be suitable for my uni hub? I have misplaced the original and dont really wanna have to buy a complete new one. Do all the uni hubs come as gp cone type as standard? Thanks in advance."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes this is the correct one you require, Regards MB

Rafael on 12 Jul 2018 asked "I have a 1960Ã"´s LI150 series III Eibar, is this a good part for my Lambretta? Thanks."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Too be honest Im not 100% sure if it fits, it should'n t in theory

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