Lambretta Headset (handlebar) clutch lever for all standard clutch housings, short dog leg type, Series 3, MB


Designed by Mark Broadhurst and made for MB.

This alloy short dog leg clutch lever fits straight into a Series 3 standard clutch lever housing without modification.

This lever replaces our very popular extra long clutch lever conversion.

It is shorter closer to the handlebar gives a better feel and better pull.

Ideally suited to use with our friction free cable.

Lambretta Headset (handlebar) clutch lever for all standard clutch housings, short dog leg type, Series 3, MB
  • Lambretta Headset (handlebar) clutch lever for all standard clutch housings, short dog leg type, Series 3, MB
  • Lambretta Headset (handlebar) clutch lever for all standard clutch housings, short dog leg type, Series 3, MB

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Reviews ( 15 )


5 star 1. Brian 25 Apr 2010 

Hi I fitted this new clutch lever today it works a treat stopped my clutch drag with its extra pull. its worth every penny


5 star 2. Ian G 19 May 2010 

Just fitted the MB dog-leg lever and new clutch cable to my GP. The feel and operation is unbelievably smooth and can pull it in with just two fingers. Highly recommended!


5 star 3. John c 11 Oct 2010 

very nice fit matches my Yamaha cylinder lever,stops clutch drag a treat thanks MB


5 star 4. Lee B 26 Mar 2011 

Does exactly what everybody else has said!! sorted my problem straight out!


5 star 5. Mike P 30 May 2011 

Another Quality part from MB as i've tried many different levers and this one works and looks the bee's knees...nice colour too, it looks Black in the photo, but is actually like the other 'rust resistant' MB cast pats (however this one is alloy of course).


5 star 6. Kev E 20 Apr 2018 

Good fit and pulls the clutch nicely. Dog leg makes it much more comfortable to cover the clutch on long journeys.


5 star 7. Stu T 03 May 2018 

Good quality and fit perfectly --no having to file or alter in any way. Big help for strong clutches.


5 star 8. Richard 08 Jun 2018 

Quality kit


5 star 9. Richard 26 Aug 2018 

Ordered a few items with the clutch lever , excellent product, excellent service as usual, cheers


5 star 10. Stuart B 12 Oct 2018 

Top quality, well pleased. Fits good


5 star 11. Neville W 14 Feb 2019 

I like these levers. They are well made and work well. Makes things that little bit easier. A no brainer really.


5 star 12. John S 30 Nov 2019 

Excellent upgrade. Fitted this together with your "£friction free" cable and it was really nice to use. The dog leg made it much more comfortable to use with my short fingers 😁


5 star 13. Mikey 03 Feb 2020 

Due to having a standard clutch I wasn't actually having any trouble pulling the clutch in. However I do suffer from arthritis in my hands, I also have sausage fingers so struggled a bit. I couldn't believe how much easier it now is. 10/10


5 star 14. Brian O 11 Jun 2020 

Does the job it says it should


4 star 15. Jon 04 Mar 2018 

Excellent fit. Very comfortable on my hand. Smooth material. Everything feels great about this lever. I do not think it adds to the length of cable that gets pulled. It does not seem to increase the action of the cable. Still though, very happy to add this to my setup. It's smooth, easy, and functions great. Very nice addition. If you're looking to increase cable travel, it may not be the piece for you. Look for the shortened clutch actuator arm. Which I also bought. Together they feel very comfortable. Thanks!

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Sidney B on 18 Jul 2022 asked "Do you have a series 2 version of this?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no

Alan on 20 May 2022 asked "I want brake and clutch for a GP, will these fit - you say for series 3 ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: They fit all Series 3s

Noel M on 08 May 2021 asked "Would this fit a series1 "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no but we can modify your housing to use the longer Yamaha lever

Johnny g on 15 Jun 2020 asked "Iââ"¬â"¢ve got 8mm pivot bolts in my clutch housing and S3 leavers Instead of the standard 7mm ones,With these new dogleg leavers Is there enough room to Drill and enlarge The pivot hole to accommodate the 8mm pivot bolt?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you can drill them no problem

Neil M on 23 Dec 2019 asked "I'm beginning to struggle with my wrist tendons on my existing clutch. Is the idea of this to give better pull and hopefully make the clutch feel lighter. "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This lever and one of our nylon lined friction free cables should help

John S on 30 Nov 2019 asked "Great upgrade, are there any plans to do series 2 version?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The only one we do is the longer Yamaha dog leg lever conversion if you send in your clutch housing

Dave P on 09 Apr 2019 asked "Is there a matching one for the front brake side ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Try this part number MRB0698K

Geoffrey C on 31 Mar 2019 asked "Hello, are these levers the thicker type to fit later s3"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Not sure what you mean by thicker but yes a Series 3 fit

Darren P on 12 Oct 2008 asked "I have a question about "Clutch lever for all clutch housings, MRB" Will I have to modify the clutch housing ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This lever is designed as a straight swap into an unmodified clutch housing.

Not all clutch housings are the same so the fit may vary.

It fits best into an Italian housing but Indian and Far East housings vary.

So to be perfect you may need to alter it very slightly.

If you feel something is not correct with this product description or image then please contact us using the same link