Lambretta Gasket set 190, big-bore, MB


This is a complete gasket set for a 190cc Lambretta with a large carburettor and a non-standard exhaust system (for example the Mugello or SR 190 kits or an engine with an Japanese Suzuki 190 kit).

It includes

  • crankcase side gasket
  • magneto gasket
  • drive side gasket
  • base gasket
  • head gasket
  • exhaust gasket
  • and inlet gasket

It does not include the gaskets for the cable adjuster and the pivot base.

Lambretta Gasket set 190, big-bore, MB

£ 20.53
Price: £ 17.11 Ex Vat


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Andy t on 04 Apr 2014 asked "is this ok for an s3 li 150, imola with a 190 yam kit s2 tour tune do i need a head/base gasket ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It would depend on which version kit it is, this is only for the V1

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