Lambretta Front hub disc pads sintered


This is a set of high quality European made sintered pads for a Lambretta disc hub.

Lambretta Front hub disc pads sintered

£ 21.23
Price: £ 17.69 Ex Vat

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Lambretta Circlip, 42mm internal, gearbox end plate and front disc hubs

This circlip is suitable for use to secure the disc actuating arm into a standard Lambretta disc hub and also hold the end plate... [more]

£ 0.90£ 0.75 (Ex Vat)

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5 star 1. Wings 11 Jun 2014 

Quality you can always rely on. Thank you.


5 star 2. Jeff P 23 Feb 2023 

another great product

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Paul M on 19 Feb 2011 asked "I have a question about "Disc pads" Do these pads give better braking than the ones that come fitted with the Scoot RS disc brake?I've just ordered a pair and my friend told me they may be the same ones (which aren't very good) that are already fitted."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: To be honest I do not know what scootRs fit in their hubs, we have sold our disc pads for over 20 years with no complaints and we even used them on our race bikes. disc pads

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