Lambretta Gear box endplate fastener kit, with high tensile bolts and washers


We recommend using this set of high tensile bolts to secure your gearbox end plate.

Yes, in theory you should use studs in aluminium but as long as your threads are OK then these bolts will be fine.

You use more of the thread when you use these bolts so your end plate is better attached.

You gain more surface area by only using a plain washer, always use a small amount of loctite on the threads.

Lambretta Gear box endplate fastener kit, with high tensile bolts and washers

£ 3.53
Price: £ 2.94 Ex Vat


Always run a 7x1mm number 3 plug tap into the end plate threads first to clean the threads to remove any debris and make sure there are full threads.

It's very important to remove oil, loose alloy and any old loctite.

Wash out the threads so any bead blast media is fully removed.

Reviews ( 7 )


5 star 1. Adrian M 25 Oct 2010 

Hopefully this kit will not allow the endplate to come loose (when stripping the engine originally I found the gearbox endplate to be quite loose).


5 star 2. Ken H 06 Mar 2012 

Excellent quality and fast service as usual.


5 star 3. Stuart 28 Apr 2013 

I could not get the nuts on the studs to lock up so looked on the net for something better and found these to be much better then the studs would recommend these every time. thanks for the support


5 star 4. Ken H 27 Mar 2014 

Great product which works very well with good clean threads.


5 star 5. Nathan 04 Apr 2019 

Great quality perfect for the job of securing the endplate.


5 star 6. Craig H 10 Feb 2019 

as of most parts that you get from MB you can always rely on that quality i have never had an issue with them well made and precise


5 star 7. Gary S 15 Feb 2019 

Quality parts and rapid delivery

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Jim on 20 Apr 2020 asked "How long are these screws?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 7 x 25mm

Frank on 01 Jul 2010 asked "I have a question about "Gear box endplate fastener kit with high tensile bolts and washers" Hi Mark, do you still torque these bolts down to the same value as std studs and nuts? "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If the the threads in the casing are perfect then on final assembly you torque a little more, the figure is in the Spanners Manual.

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