Lambretta Cylinder stud kit (long studs, extended nuts, thick washers) MB


This is a set of MB 4 cylinder head studs, 4 thick cylinder head washers, three special cylinder head nuts and one extended cylinder head nut for the cowling.

The studs are longer than normal and have more thread to suit cylinders commonly used with cylinder packing plates and head gaskets and the threads are longer to suit shortened cylinders.

The studs are thicker in diameter so they locate the cylinder, giving no rock so if you have the transfer ports opened out the ports stay inline. Some cylinders can be tight using these studs - cure is to drill out the stud holes in the cylinder to 8.5-9mm.

Fit the short threaded end into the casing, the longer threaded end lets you fit shortened, standard, extended and cylinders using packing plates.

There is nothing better on the market, Mark Broadhurst has designed and tested them over many years.

These studs do not stretch and if assembled correctly the head nuts stay tight.

Torque the nuts down to 18 - 20 lbs ft.

Re-tighten the nuts at 500 - 1000 miles from a new rebuild.

Lambretta Cylinder stud kit (long studs, extended nuts, thick washers) MB

£ 30.34
Price: £ 25.28 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 20 )


5 star 1. Andy W 30 Jan 2013 

Excellent piece of kit well made, would buy again.


5 star 2. Allan r 22 Apr 2010 

great quality fair price many thanks


5 star 3. Andy.D&DSC 04 Nov 2011 

if you are not doing a 100% factory restoration there is no other remade cylinder stud on the market better than these!


5 star 4. Chris B 22 Jul 2010 

good quality reasonably priced, contributed to salvaging mothballed engine casing.


5 star 5. Paul A 25 Nov 2011 

Excellent kit, improvement on the originalls recomend to all. Use on any engine rebuild tuned or standard.


5 star 6. L. B 03 Dec 2010 

nicely made will buy againe when needed


5 star 7. Jon 28 Jul 2011 

Well made, lovely bit of kit. Great improvement.


5 star 8. Ken H 26 Mar 2012 

very quck service.Cheers


5 star 9. Andy 09 Jun 2012 

Great bit of kit. As I build my engine though, the only thing missing is some nice thick section spring washers to transfer the load from the flange of the nuts to the plain washers. What do you reckon MB? From Mark, they are designed not to use a spring washer as they get tired when heated up, nothing wrong with the thick plain washers these spread the load.


5 star 10. Barry S 29 Mar 2013 

Top quality, well made parts from a supplier that knows their stuff...thank you


5 star 11. Jeremy 07 Nov 2013 

Quality stud kit & superb service...


5 star 12. Dale 21 Jul 2015 

Good solid studs and bolts that hold the cylinder and head better than the originals


5 star 13. Andy W 13 Mar 2014 

excellent quality item this is the second set I have used.


5 star 14. Sean Q 24 Nov 2015 

Excellent cylinder stud set. Everything included is top of the line, can't find any better. Works for Vespa and Lambretta. Thanks MBD!


5 star 15. W.brolly 11 Jul 2016 

First rate service,delivered next day.


5 star 16. Gary S 26 Jul 2016 

Excellent item and rapid delivery. THANKS


5 star 17. Paul 03 May 2018 

Great product no fettling to get cylinder to fit


5 star 18. Shaun O 18 Apr 2020 

Well made, good fit, no mucking about with these studs, well worth buying, as are all their products.


5 star 19. David B 07 Sep 2021 

Another quality item. Well worth the money


5 star 20. Gary C 16 Feb 2021 

Great product and fits well. No fettling required. Quality.

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Mark s on 11 Apr 2021 asked "What should the studs be toques down to."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: All the set up and fitting information starts here.*-instructions/fitting-*-mb-engine-setting-up-*-part-1+147.html

Andy on 27 Apr 2020 asked "Do the longer studs and longer nuts fit standard barrels and heads?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they do

Vincent P on 28 Mar 2018 asked "Do you sell the shorter studs for fixing the rt225 head if so what is the part number cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This is the part number MRB0815K

Steve G on 11 Oct 2012 asked "Hi,should i use any loctite on the ends that screw into the casing and is there a torque setting for the studs? (not the nuts) Cheers.....Steve"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I always clean out the threads with a taper number one tap, and either use a fine smear of grease or loctite on the sides of the thread, I just nip them up, don't torque them into the casing, they just need to be in firm.

Sebastien M on 17 Sep 2009 asked "Hello mark, i've bought those studs from MRB, but don't know which threaded side goes inside the crankcase : the longest threaded side or the shortest threaded side. Shortest threaded side seems to be screwed completely to be fixed ( so no margin on the threads from the surface of the casing ) thus was wondering if there could be any risk to crack the casing then ? what do you recommend ? many thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The short thread goes in the casing. These are designed to be perfect fitting in most casings.

David on 26 Apr 2009 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head stud kit (studs, extended nuts, thick washers)" Hello! Are thoose studs M8? How long are they? Regards David"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The studs are 8mm and 163mm long.

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