Lambretta Exhaust springs, 60mm, MBgm Clubman, MB


Universal steel, Zinc plated exhaust springs, 60mm long, made by MB.

These are used on the MBgm clubman exhaust.

  • 2 are used on the slip joint from U bend to exhaust
  • 2 are used if using a the Round TS1 type exhaust
  • 70mm are used on a Oval exhaust flange


Lambretta Exhaust springs, 60mm, MBgm Clubman, MB

£ 3.48
Price: £ 2.90 Ex Vat


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Sid B on 14 Apr 2022 asked "Can you explain where the measurement is taken from please I.e.length of the coiled spring or length between the hooks. Diagram might help. This applies to all of the springs advertised. Thanks Sid"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Pull the two hooks out and measure under the hooks should be about right right

Simon E on 18 Oct 2019 asked "Are these a replacement for the bgm v4 clubman springs from manifold to U-bend as they don't swivel"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes they are, these swivel on one end - stops them snapping

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