Lambretta Tool, clutch holder, MB


This is a MB steel clutch holder, which will let you safely and easily hold your clutch assembly while you undo and tighten the clutch nut.

Using a screwdriver can damage your sprocket, chain or casing so it makes sense to use this tool.

It basically works by locking up your clutch spider and sprocket against your shocker bolt to hold the clutch still.

Small enough to fit into your toolbox, comes with a drilled hole to hang on a wall.

Lambretta Tool, clutch holder, MB

£ 21.60
Price: £ 18.00 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 6 )


5 star 1. Shane 17 Jun 2010 

another great tool for the home mechanic


5 star 2. Tom 08 Apr 2011 

Perfect tool, worked spot on - like all my MB tools


5 star 3. Craig M 05 Jan 2014 

This MRB version is superior to others in that it rest on the shock bolt NOT the case bolts. Simple, effective and works as it should.


5 star 4. Dtomlin 15 Apr 2014 

top quality tool dont waste your money on cheap rubbish will definately use this firm for all my scooter bits i need


5 star 5. Mike 25 Oct 2019 

This tool made the job easy to do!


5 star 6. Peter J 03 Aug 2022 

Good quality, not yet used

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