Lambretta Wiring loom DC, Electronic/universal, Grey, 6/12 volt, MB


Lambretta Grey AC or DC, universal two part wiring loom

This comes with our normal AC loom and our extra DC loom. 

  • Works with all Electronic systems for a Lambretta, Series 1, 2 and 3 models
  • Works with BGM, SIL, AF, Vespa, Varitronic and Casa flywheel and stator plates
  • Can work with all standard points systems
  • Can work as a full DC Electronic ignition system
  • Can work as a uprated AC with DC trickle feed for toys in the headset from a BGM, Varitronic and Vespa regulator/rectifiers

As well as feeding all normal supplies, its wired to use a front brake light switch if needed, wired to light a reserve light if needed, using the extra DC supply loom you have full DC power. It can be wired as all AC with DC for sat nav, phone charger etc and is also wired to included the earth loom.

Most examples how to wire this loom are found in our Tech-Site on a PDF here

Designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Lambretta Wiring loom DC, Electronic/universal, Grey, 6/12 volt, MB

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