Lambretta Tune, TS1/Monza/Imola, stage RT, labour only, MB


This the labour price to tune a standard TS1 cylinder.

Inlet, exhaust, transfers, transfer feeds and boost ports are widened, raised, altered and flowed.

With no welding we regularly see 36bhp with a full race spec pipe.

32bhp with Franspeed and JL4 pipes.

28 - 30bhp with our touring Dev-Tour pipes.

We have even seen 28bhp with our MBgm Clubman exhaust.

This is a mix of our good old stage 1, 2 and 3 tunes which can be uprated to the all round Race-Tour tune and has become our most popular tune.

This can be used with any carb and exhaust

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Lambretta Tune, TS1/Monza/Imola, stage RT, labour only, MB

£ 205.85
Price: £ 171.54 Ex Vat

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  • More power.
  • Smoother running.
  • Modified port timings.
  • Widened port widths.
  • Increased cylinder head compression.
  • Lightened flywheel.
  • V-Force reed valve conversion.


  • Increased power spread.
  • Increased top end speed.
  • Increased low down power.
  • Can be done to existing tunes.
  • Can give up to 37 horse power with no welding.
  • Produces a smoother power spread than the RB cylinder.
  • Produces more power than the RB cylinder.
  • Can be used with any carburettor.
  • Can be used with any exhaust.
  • Can be used with any 58 or 60mm crankshafts.
  • Can be used with 62 or 64mm crankshafts but require much more work.

Development History

  • Mark Broadhurst has probably tuned and machined more Lambretta cylinder barrels and heads than anyone else.
  • This development and history of tuning has been put into our latest reed valve type cylinder tuning.
  • Many months of Dyno development have improved our already excellent Stage 1, 2 and 3 tuning.
  • Our Race-Tour tune works better than any of the Stage 1, 2 or 3 tunes.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long term reliable and powerful porting specs.
  • Can be used with standard or performance carbs from 28 - 38mm.
  • Ideal Road-Race tuning or as a Touring tune.


  • Change to the Race-Tour light weight piston.
  • Use a Race-Tour crankshaft.
  • Use a lightened flywheel.
  • Use a MRB Inlet manifold.
  • Use a modified V-Force reed valve for best spread, but keep an eye on reed petals.
  • Use Yamaha reed assemblies for long distant touring engines.
  • Use the Race-Tour 6 plate clutch for the extra power increase.
  • Use between 19 - 15 degrees ignition timing.
  • Use a Dev-Tour exhaust for low to mid end power.
  • Use around 5.0:1 to 4.80:1 for touring pipes.
  • Use our Road cylinder head for a low to mid range tune.
  • Use a 1.5mm head gasket to set up a low to mid range tune.
  • Use a Franspeed, JL4 or NK race pipes for top end power.
  • Use around 5.20:1 to 5.0:1 gearing for high revving pipes.
  • Use our Road-Race cylinder head for a mid to top end tune.
  • Don't use a head gasket for a mid to top end tune.

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5 star 1. Steve c 21 May 2014 

had the rt touring tune done,happy is an understatement,,cheers mark

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John s on 25 Aug 2013 asked "is any more work needed on this tune if running a 60/110 crank?and what head would you recomend?thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Same tuning work, ideally you need a decent head, we would use the BGM CNC head. Match and flow the inlet manifold and use a Yamaha block with packer.

Paul d on 10 Aug 2013 asked "does the barrel need to be replated once the tune has been done and does it include modifying the inlet to use bgm/rd reed valves?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It depends on the plating, we've done some with no problems and others where the plating flakes. There's different cylinders, the latest ones I believe use the Yamaha style block anyway

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