Lambretta Cylinder, long Stud kit, relieved (studs 8 x 156mm, extended nuts, thick washers) MB


We think this is the ultimate in cylinder stud design.

  • Set of four MB cylinder studs
  • 4 MB fat head washers
  • 3 MB 3/4 nuts
  • 1 MB long nut

Made from high tensile steel and chemmically Blacked.

Fits all Lambrettas cylinders - small and large block, works with shortened cylinders and works with cylinders fitted with cylinder packing plates and fat head gaskets.

Relieved along the length to fit better with some cylinders not drilled out correctly.

Locates the cylinder packer and cylinder so the transfer ports dont go miss matched.

Stud length 156mm.

If you need it for a RT kit use MRB0328K

Lambretta Cylinder, long Stud kit, relieved (studs 8 x 156mm, extended nuts, thick washers) MB

£ 29.28
Price: £ 24.40 Ex Vat

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Rob H on 13 Feb 2021 asked "I'm building a quattrini 210 and the stud holes in the cylinder are 8.3mm , can you tell me if these will offer enough clearance? Many thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It should do, if not give the stud holes some clearance that is a bit tight

Ove H on 08 Dec 2018 asked "How long are the studs?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 163mm or near as

John on 09 Mar 2018 asked "Can i use these studs on classic T5 vespa ???"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: No T5 studs are totally different

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