Lambretta Drive side steel plate, MB


Alloy drive side seal plates are much lighter than steel plates but do tend warp.

Our steel plate are redesigned by Mark Broadhurst so the screws and plate doesn't foul crankshafts.

Marked with MB and are reusable many times.

Lambretta Drive side steel plate, MB

£ 6.22
Price: £ 5.18 Ex Vat

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Designed to fit all Series 1, 2 and 3 engines.


Redesigned thinner by Mark Broadhurst to allow more clearance between drive plate and all types of crankshafts.

Designed to use all types of drive screws.

Development History

Mark has been rebuilding engines for 30+ years and in that time clearances between the drive plate and crankshaft have caused some problems.

Some plates warp especially the alloy ones and some just sit too high causing the crank to lock or rub.

Some drive plate gaskets are thicker making the plate stand proud.

Some engines are machined incorrectly and the drive bearing is not at the right height.

For these reasons some engines especially engines build from scratch or using after market cranks can lock or rub.

Reasons to Buy

Our plate fit all engines.

Our plate does not warp.

Our plate works with all drive side screws.


Fit a drive bearing by heating the casing.

Never hit the inner race.

Always use a new bearing on a rebuild.

Use a drive bearing with a single seal facing the crank, a trick from MRB for many years, this takes the pressure off the drive seal and prevents oil seal failure.

Always use a new drive gasket.

Silicone seal both sides of the gasket.

Fit the seal carefully and squarely into the drive plate.

Fit the seal with the spring towards the crankshaft.

Grease or oil the seal and crank faces upon assembly.

Always use new high tensile drive plate screws, clean any oil from the threads and use a small about of loctite to stop screws vibrating out.

Tighten each screw equally and diagonally until tight.

Fit the crank using a drive side pulling sleeve (Invented by MRB)

Make sure the crank spins free, if its hard to turn remove it and check the seal hasn't lipped over.

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Reviews ( 13 )


5 star 1. Ian B 19 Jun 2010 

Absolute quality part ... Don't mess about, chuck your old one away and fit one of these beauties.


5 star 2. Terry S 13 May 2013 

This is a major part of your engine so needs to be of the best quality, and the MRB plate is just that, QUALITY.


5 star 3. Jason L 24 Mar 2014 

Quality part that does the job well, much better than the original.


5 star 4. Ian c 01 Feb 2021 

The quality of this drive plate is perfect,fitted like a glove,all M B gear is spot on, well worth the money.


5 star 5. Andrew d 19 Jun 2014 

great item good cosy fit well recomended


5 star 6. Richard h 05 Sep 2014 

I had problems getting clearance between crank and good quality retainer plate. this gained me enough clearance for a good set up


5 star 7. Richard h 19 Feb 2015 

although not mentioned in the description I bought this as I heard it was 0.7mm thinner than my innocenti original. This turned out to be correct and enabled me to get enough crank to case clearance. Happy days.


5 star 8. Richard R 25 Jun 2020 

Excellent quality happy to fit your parts to my show quality scooter all day long. Very quick delivery thanks very happy.


5 star 9. David T 10 Mar 2019 

Quality item, made the Spanish one I was trying to use look like something from the dark ages . It gave me the clearance I was looking for ..


5 star 10. Nathan 31 Mar 2019 

Great quality, fast delivery, perfect fit would recommend.


5 star 11. Jon 29 Nov 2020 

Good quality drive side plate, thinner than most so solved problem of crankshaft touching.


5 star 12. Andy K 17 Aug 2022 

Fantastic quality and ethanol resistant,


5 star 13. Jeremy s 28 Feb 2023 

Great quality..

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