Lambretta Clutch crown wheel (sprocket) 47 tooth (4, 5, 6 plate) MB


We were so disappointed with the standard of available sprockets that we decided to have our own made.

They are made in the UK to a very high standard.

They are designed to be used with the more reliable Li Sx type clutch bearings rather than the GP style bush.

This sprocket can work with 4 / 5 plates or 6 plate internal type clutch conversions and has 47 teeth.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst and MB

Lambretta Clutch crown wheel (sprocket) 47 tooth (4, 5, 6 plate) MB
  • Lambretta Clutch crown wheel (sprocket) 47 tooth (4, 5, 6 plate) MB
  • Lambretta Clutch crown wheel (sprocket) 47 tooth (4, 5, 6 plate) MB

£ 114.40
Price: £ 95.33 Ex Vat

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  • Light weight with hardened clutch bearing bush so improved needle roller bearings can be used.
  • Machined deeper so 4 or 5 or 6 plates can be fitted and helps prevent clutch drag.


  • Designed by Mark Broadhurst.
  • Made in the UK using modern steels, lightened and precision CNC machined.

Development History

  • Fed up of poor inferior products we designed our own.
  • What ever product was used extra machining and grinding was required.
  • The precision of the crown wheel is very important for chain and clutch life.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight.
  • Strong.
  • Hardened.
  • Precision machined.
  • Adjustable lift.
  • No rock.
  • Easy fit.


  • Always dial gauge the crown wheel with the front drive sprocket to improve chain life.
  • Always check sprocket lift and shim up to suit.
  • Always fit new end plate bearings and clutch needle bearings.
  • Make sure both clutch friction, steel, pressure plate fit and slide up and down freely.
  • Always soak clutch plates in ST90 for 24 hours before fitting.
  • Steel tabs on top and bottom friction plate can be bend 20 degrees to aid the clutch.
  • Always use a clutch holding tool to tighten the clutch nut.

Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Kevin H 28 Jul 2008 

Excellent quality part. Very light weight compared to the standard sprocket and less turning friction now that the GP clutch bush is replaced by bearings.


5 star 2. Graham F 24 Apr 2020 

High quality sprocket made to top quality standards

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Ian R on 11 Jun 2022 asked "Hi While I am waiting for your stock of spider and pressure plate of which matches this crown wheel, can I use a standard spider and pressure plate ? Is it compatible?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes you can

Peter w on 25 Apr 2009 asked "Hello Guys, Could this crownwheel be used with one of your billet spiders to make a 6 plate clutch? And if so what thickness plates and steels will i need and which thickness top plate will be needed? Thanks for your time.Pete"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: You can not use this crownwheel with our existing 6 plate external spider.

But we have in production our new solid spider that is designed to work with this crownwheel and also have a new extended clutch flange to work with the kit.

(this are on stock).

When the kit is available you can use: 5 standard Surflex plates, with 1 or 12mm clutch steels.

Or 6 green/red plates.

You can use any top plate and use our normal clutch springs.

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