Lambretta parts poster Headset


We are working out way through the old parts diagrams updating them to list all the items we sell.

This one lists all the headset parts we sell.

These are then printed onto A3 sized posters, ideal for decorating your garage wall.

They are FREE, just add them to an order.

If the poster you want says "notify me" then that means we haven't done it yet. If you use notify me you will get an email when the poster is ready.

Lambretta parts poster Headset

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5 star 1. David C 15 Apr 2019 

A fabulous reference point and a brilliant man cave decoration thankyou


5 star 2. Alan f 21 Jun 2019 

Very happy,great service.


5 star 3. Rex F 17 Sep 2019 

This is just one of the many Parts Posters available, they are very well put together, giving you all the information on one page


5 star 4. Mikey 12 Feb 2020 

On ordering parts online from MB I had the option of a free poster. I ticked the one I wanted and 15 turned up of all parts of a standard scooter. The parts I ordered were absolutely bang on and the bonus of the poster just made it better. Fantastic service.


5 star 5. Simon e 28 Apr 2020 

love these parts lists


5 star 6. Jeff P 18 Jun 2020 

Always informative and useful

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Antti R on 12 Apr 2018 asked "Hi MB Scooters, Are these Lambretta parts posters available in PDF format? Would like to print and laminate these on my workshop wall. Thanks for the excellent content sharing! Cheers, Antti from Finland"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: On the interactive diagram, theres a download for the ones weve done, but its better to get the poster

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