Lambretta parts poster, Frame, MB


We are working out way through the old parts diagrams updating them to list all the items we sell.

This one lists all the frame related parts we sell.

These are then printed onto A3 sized posters, ideal for decorating your garage wall.

They are FREE, just add them to an order.


Lambretta parts poster, Frame, MB

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Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. TERRY L 18 Jan 2020 

the best parts poster


5 star 2. John B 03 Sep 2018 

Recieved my posters and I love them but before I take them in the garage im going to get them either laminated or encapsulated to protect them


5 star 3. Wings 12 Sep 2018 

A must for everyone's she's-garage. Clear, concise and well laid out. Nice..


5 star 4. Neil H 14 Oct 2018 

These quality posters as aide memoirs are invaluable you would be a fool not to have them to hand.


5 star 5. Jonathan b 19 Nov 2021 

fantastic item

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