Lambretta parts poster Cables


We are working out way through the old parts diagrams updating them to list all the items we sell.

This one lists all the cable related parts we sell.

These are then printed onto A3 sized posters, ideal for decorating your garage wall.

They are FREE, just add them to an order.

If the poster you want says "notify me" then that means we haven't done it yet. If you use notify me you will get an email when the poster is ready.

Lambretta parts poster Cables

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Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Mattias J 08 Mar 2019 

Very good!


5 star 2. John M 10 Apr 2020 

Excellent items Fast delivery


5 star 3. Stephen H 14 Apr 2020 

These parts posters are a great reference to have at hand when working on your scooter. Takes away the guesswork especially with the small bits! More modern and a lot clearer to understand than other ones I've used. Thanks for putting these out there!

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