Lambretta Cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, bgm reed piston, reed tuned, MB shorty reed assembly, PHBH, MBgm


MB Reed Tuned Race-Tour package, the same as the popular piston port version but with all the added improvemnts of having a Reed valve tune and Reed assembly.

MBgm Race-Tour 225 cylinder kit using the new REED cast coated MBgm 70mm piston. Touring reed valve tuned, with Reed assembly to suit a Dellorto PHBH 30mm carb.

It includes:

  • Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined with modern retro Reed porting spec by Mark Broadhurst
  • Plated cylinder bore
  • 70mm MBgm CAST coated Race-Tour Reed piston kit
  • MB Shorty Reed assembly to suit Dellorto PHBH carbs
  • Machined CNC cylinder head with 8 point mounting
  • High tensile long cylinder studs and special head nuts
  • Exhaust manifold studs and washers
  • MB exhaust deep Brass nuts
  • Inlet gasket
  • 4 point exhaust gasket
  • 0.5 and 0.7mm MB base alloy gaskets
  • 4 high tensile head bolts and washers

Ready to fit.

Small end bearing and heads gasket come separately.


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Lambretta Cylinder kit, Race-Tour RT225/230, bgm reed piston, reed tuned, MB shorty reed assembly, PHBH, MBgm

£ 880.00
Price: £ 733.33 Ex Vat

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Martin on 07 Oct 2021 asked "What exhaust would you recommend for this kit please "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Best were testing at the moment is the MBgm Sport

NICK B on 04 Aug 2021 asked "What are the advantages over the piston ported kit? Cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied:*-tech-articles/engine-tech-*-reed-valving+80.html

Stephen S on 14 Jul 2021 asked "Hi mark, can the rt cylinder be made to exit the carb same side as the ts1? Because I already have hole in side panel and oiltek long range tank with right side cut out. Thanks Stephen "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Sorry no left hand side only

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