Lambretta Gasket, cylinder base packing (packer) plate, large block, 1.0mm, MB


A high quality MB laser cut aluminium packing plate for 200cc type casings.

It is 1mm thick.

Ideal for use with a 60mm stroke crank or to get your squish clearance/port timings right.

There is a large variation in casing height (the distance between an imaginary line running through the middle of your crankshaft and the base gasket surface) especially on Indian casings so this gasket may help you get round that.

It includes extra area to allow for big welded up race type transfer ports.

Lambretta Gasket, cylinder base packing (packer) plate, large block, 1.0mm, MB

£ 5.40
Price: £ 4.50 Ex Vat


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Steve G on 11 Oct 2012 asked "Hi again,just getting round to fitting this,should i still use a paper gasket when fitting or just use some sillicone sealant? Cheers.....Steve"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Ideally just fit the packer roughed up with emery and silicone sealer each side. But IF you want perfect squish clearances and this can only be done with a gasket then fit one and still silicone seal it.

Steve G on 23 Sep 2012 asked "just ordered one of these amongst other bits from you,whats the best way to open up the transfer cutouts if need be? Cheers.....Steve"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Fit it to either the cylinder or casing, mark it out, then trim with a Dremil or die grinder or drill with burr or just with a good old file

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