Flat side panel air filter, MB


Another great idea from MB.

Designed and tested over many years by Mark Broadhurst, this has been redesigned thicker for 2013.

Carb and side panel clearance is always difficult if you run a carb and want a filter to work on a TS1, RB, Monza, Imola

Now you can use this simple idea to great effect.

Simply push the filter over the carb open bellmouth, as you push the panel on, the side panel becomes part of the filter and air is dragged from around the outside of the filter.

Note the straight edge, this is to fit nice against a GP panel.

You can bond the filter to the panel with Evo Stick or super glue so when the panel is removed the carb is free to work on.

Note: this is a preventative item to keep loose objects or dust and grit entering the engine, so rejetting maybe required, if you are using a large bellmouth the filter may need opening up to suit.

Flat side panel air filter, MB
  • Flat side panel air filter, MB
  • Flat side panel air filter, MB

£ 10.75
Price: £ 8.96 Ex Vat


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James A on 05 Apr 2017 asked "Hi, will this fit a 22mm VM Mikuni ? James"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It should do if its for a Lambretta fitted with side panels

Paul H on 28 Feb 2017 asked "I think someone has already asked whether it would work on a 25mm Dellorto but does it make any difference which side of the engine the carb is on? Thanks in advance."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: It will work on any carb if the carb is close enough to the side panel to push it up and stay in place

Martin on 05 Apr 2015 asked "Will this work with a smaller carb? (25mm dellorto)"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it can do, just make sure you jet in the carb

Dean W on 07 Aug 2014 asked "Hi Mark, Does this fit a mikuni 35mm TMX ?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it does, ideal for a TS1 motor, jetting maybe required

Paul d on 02 Aug 2013 asked "how thick are these as its hard to imagine what they are like with no picture?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 40mm thick

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