Lambretta Carburettor kit, large block, Flange type, Dellorto 25mm PHBL


A complete carburettor kit, contains:

  • 25mm PHBL carb roughly jetted
  • Spare jets
  • Fast flow mesh air filter, MB
  • Bellows and clips
  • Inlet flange manifold & rubber, MB
  • Inlet gasket, MB

    Ideal as a replacement for old worn out standard carburettors or on a tuned scooter where you want to keep the standard air box to maintain your scooters standard looks.

    Suits all 200- 230cc Piston Ported type cylinders.

    Designed to fit all full panelled scooters without cutting holes in your panels.

NOTE; if using a Li type head cowl the air scoop will need shaping, or use a GP type head cowl or even better a MB Carbon head cowl. Fit the air bellows after heating up in boiling water so it re shapes to fit.


Click here for Setting up instructions

Carb Comes with;

  • Spare needles & Jets
  • Cable choke assembly
  • Large float valve
  • 90 degree elbow, screw and adjuster nut

Jets fitted;

  • 102 Main Jet - 98 & 95 Spare
  • AQ 264 Atomiser
  • D26 Needle, clip second slot from the top - D22 Spare

Lambretta Carburettor kit, large block, Flange type, Dellorto 25mm PHBL

£ 221.83
Price: £ 184.86 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Mike M 21 Jun 2010 

This replace the original carb on my 1966 SX 200. Perfect fit, works brilliantly. Thanks for the prejetting! Cheers


5 star 2. John A 09 Nov 2017 

only is it a great carburettor kit for my restored Lambretta, but, when the original was accidently mis-addressed, the replacement arrived within a day. Fantastic service.

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Kenny S on 22 Sep 2021 asked "Is it possible to marry this up with the RT225 Reed valve kit?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes this part number MRB0830K

Tim L on 21 Jul 2019 asked "Hi, I've got a 1981 serveta jet 200 with stage 4 tune/dellorto SH2 22mm carb and considering upgrading to this newer 25 (when in stock). The air filter is on the side of the toolbox and reasonably new, so can I connect this ok? Touring and reliability over performance! Thanks and regards Tim"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Ive not tried one but it should fit

Andrew M on 30 Jan 2019 asked "If I already have a standard 22mm Jetex Carb do I actually need to upgrade the inlet manifold, air filter and connector hose etc. for the 25mm? Or would the standalone 25mm carb not simply swap in as is? If I went for 28mm I presume the full kit would be required? Andrew."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The Jetex manifold doesnt fit the carb. The only thing you can reuse is the air bellows

Peter c on 21 Sep 2016 asked "I had the engine upgraded on my lambretta 150 li to a 198 mogulo and a Delors phish 30 was fitted could this be changed to a Delors 25 so as I could then keep my air box"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes should be a straight swap

Renaud on 20 Jan 2015 asked "Hi I am planning a racetour 190 conversion on a small block with mb clubman + tv gears This will be for town/touring. Therefore i hesitate between 25mm an 28 mm carbs. What would you advise? Regards Regards"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: If you do not want the best acceleration and top end speed as it is for town/city use then use the 25mm

Mike R on 24 Feb 2010 asked "I have a question about "25 / 200 - 250 Dellorto complete jetted carb kit" is this kit suited for SIL GP200 stage 4 it ready just to bolt on and much for postage to Australia...would current throttle cable fit currently have a SH2/22 fitted carbi.....cheers Mike"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: This carb kit like all our carb kits come pre-jetted on the rich side so all engines can be set up. It also comes with running in and jetting information. It is a complete carb ready to fit all you need is a cable. Black BL1405BL

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