You Were Right12/06/2013
"Hi Mark, I bought you a stage 4 220cc past year, just 1 year this month. First, I had a some doubt but following your advice I installed it in my engine and... you were right!!! Now, after a lot of test, trying a lot of different setup with the carb and filter and making the first 1000 kms carefully. I can say your stage 4 is very good!! Engine pull very good in every gear; it pull since low rpm (including in 4th gear). Running in mid revs is the best: good speed, low fuel consumption, reserve of power and quiet. I tried it past week in a local rally (400km +/-) in mountain, city and speedway and the result is very good. You were right, I'm very happy with my engine. My setup is: MB stage 220cc of course Crankshaft meceur with gp cone Final drive ratio 4,61 (16/47 with jet200 gearbox). ignition BGM (23) Ancillotti (sorry, I couldn't wait your clubman...! But I read a lot of good comments about it) delly phbl 25; I made test with needle and some jet but finally, good setup is similar to the original specs: 102main jet (maybe I'll try with 100) with Ramair (imposible to running correctly with original's Serveta system (including without filter)). D22 2nd from up 266AQ 50 idle jet Spark plug with good color (maybe a little black because I run with 4% oil but ok) What do you think about my setup? I have Vespa and compare with it, main jet is small but with bigger I can't run correctly. In other hand, I read in forum that it seems a correct setup roughly speaking (there are a little infos about 25mm and a lot of about 30mm but I don't want a big carb. Other question: are you working in your new dev-tour now? I'm happy with my scooter but I'm sure I'll want a expansion exhaust in the future. Many thanks, Best regards Anthony,"
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