Lambretta Fork link nylon bush, each, MB


This is a fork link bush remade in hard wearing nylon.

It presses in the fork link and then the steel bush fits inside.

Fork links vary from manufacturer it is not uncommon once fitted for the bush to need reaming to open up the hole for the stainless steel bush.

A very common remade part from MB.

Lambretta Fork link nylon bush, each, MB

£ 4.03
Price: £ 3.36 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Boris M 28 Aug 2016 

The MB fork link bush stainless steel and the MB fork link nylon bush fit perfectly! MB seems to provide the only reliable fork link components. Before I bought those I tried to install the Casa Lambretta bush set and they are NOT safe at all.


5 star 2. Boris M 28 Aug 2016 


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