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Lambretta Magneto housing sealing plate, earth tab

This tab is held to your engine case by the screw for the magneto sealing plate and allows the attachment of an earth wire.    A... [more]

£ 0.49£ 0.41 (Ex Vat)
Universal battery 12 volt, fuse 15 Amp, mini blade type

Fuse 15 Amp, blade. Suits Mini fuse holder MBE0087... [more]

£ 0.48£ 0.40 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta 12 volt horn, AC

This AC horn is ideal for when you fit an electronic ignition kit it.    Works on 6 or 12 volt ignitions.... [more]

£ 8.86£ 7.38 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Battery post spade, 6mm hole, 5mm spade, MB

Lambretta Battery post spade made for MB Scooters, zinc plated. Comes with a 6mm hole for motorcycle battery posts. Wiring terminal is a 5mm female spade... [more]

£ 0.66£ 0.55 (Ex Vat)
Universal battery 12 volt, fuse holder, blade mini type, waterproof

Fuse holder blade type for mini fuses. Waterproof.... [more]

£ 2.35£ 1.96 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Rear light reflector, LED, AC and DC, 12v Series 1, early Series 2, bgm

Another excellent product from BGM LED rear light reflector unit to suit Lambrettas. Works AC and DC supplied.  This is a straight fit to: All Series... [more]

£ 21.48£ 17.90 (Ex Vat)
Universal battery 12 volt, fuse 10 Amp, blade, Mini

Fuse 10 Amp, blade. Suit Mini fuse holder MBE0087 ... [more]

£ 0.48£ 0.40 (Ex Vat)
Lambretta Race-Tour Wiring loom earth strap, universal, Grey, Series 1, 2, 3, MB

Every Lambretta needs to be earthed to stop simple things going wrong like bulbs blowing or regulators packing in.    This is a simple... [more]

£ 6.83£ 5.69 (Ex Vat)